The Ultimate Casino Game Of Kings – Roulette

You’ve seen it played on film, you’ve heard about it in stories, maybe you’re even enjoyed if for yourself at a casino – it’s the game of Roulette. Roulette is a game like no other, and has long held the reputation for providing some of the best thrills in the casino world. It’s a game that everyone needs to try sooner or later, and if you’re looking to try Roulette today, then you’ve come to the right place.

At, we’ve spent countless hours studying and playing the Roulette wheel, and there are few other players in the world more qualified to help our visitors understand everything there is to know about Roulette. Not only can we help you with the game, but we can also point you in the direction to find some of Kenya’s best casinos online, as well as which Roulette games are the most popular right now.

Roulette – How Does It Work?

After our experts have directed you to the perfect Kenyan online casino, the next step is getting a Roulette game underway. It can be extremely intimidating when you load up your first online Roulette game, for a number of reasons. The table has endless bets – something Roulette is well known for – but on top of all that, there’s a wheel on one end. Don’t fret, though, because we’ll breakdown the basics of the game, and help you get on your way to being a Roulette pro at any one of our online casinos in Kenya.

The Rules of Roulette

The table in Roulette is where you make the bet, and where your chips or credits will sit. The wheel is where the game of chance comes in to play. The wheel itself has a range of numbers spanning its circumference, as well as the colours of red and black. Once the game has started, the dealer will put a little ball on the wheel and begin spinning it. Where the balls lands on the wheel determine whether the bet you made was successful or not.

To start with, you need to make a bet. This can already lead to a bit of confusion due to the number of bets available. Any Kenyan online casino that we recommend will often have a full list of the best available, but we will go over some of the more basic ones. The most common types of bets are either the red or black, even, or odd bets.

For red or white, this means betting that the ball will either land on red or black in the circle. An even bet means that the ball will land on an even number, which is the same premise for an odd bet. To elaborate even further, these bets can be mixed and matched; for example: you can bet that the ball will land on a black, even number. Or a red, odd number.

Whatever the case, it takes some time to learn all the different bets, but all of the games on Kenya’s best casinos online that we recommend will help you understand what’s going on.

Start Playing Roulette Right Now

With online casino games more popular than ever, there has never been a better time to start trying out the games you’ve always wanted to, like Roulette. And with our assistance and one of the online casinos in Kenya that we recommend, you can start enjoying Roulette as soon as you want.

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